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Corr's Wild Irish Ghillie - Irish Dance Soft Shoes

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As seen in Irish Dancing Magazine, Corr's Irish Shoes is thrilled to officially introduce its brand new soft shoe, the Corr's Wild Irish™ Dance Ghillie. A split-sole design, the Wild Irish is not intended to replace the Corr's Champion™ Split-Sole Ghillie, but is instead an alternative to that more traditional design – with the many different foot types usually suiting one style or the other.

The Wild Irish has been designed to emphasize the dancer's arch in every way, but has a modern design that does away with a center-seam over the toes. Unlike other soft shoes of similar modern design, the Wild Irish has been constructed to allow for a secure fit over the dancer's heel without bagging or puckering due to excess leather – a fit that is smooth and clean, resulting in a beautifully enhanced point.

With the introduction of the Wild Irish Dance Ghillie with Split-Sole Design, Corr's is also introducing a new, improved and more advanced padding in its soft shoes – EVA. Deceptively thinner, Corr's EVA padding (that is combined with a reinforced lining that wicks away moisture – aiding in blister prevention – and, as with all of our soft shoes, an additional layer of neoprene padding in the ball of the foot area) has many advantages over the commonly used Poron padding in that it provides the same or better shock absorption, but takes up less space within the shoe, provides better grip/traction, and does not crack or split. In addition, Corr's uses it's finest Champion™ leather on the Wild Irish, which offers a remarkable balance of suppleness and durability.