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Corr's Eco Power Flexi Jig Shoe - Irish Dance Hard Shoe

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Corr's Eco Power-Flexi™ Irish Dancing Jig Shoe


Suitable for beginner and novice dancers of any age.

Corr's has taken the popular style of it's Super-Pro Flexi, the customized and slightly lower heel height (as compared with the Champion™) of it's Super-Flexi, in a new and exciting direction, adding specially fabricated tips and creating the Eco Power-Flexi to accommodate the greatest range and combination of foot types in a single design - including those dancers with higher bridge areas (the top of the foot).

Complete with Corr's Super-Shank™ and full insole for flexible arch support that doesn't impede the dancer's movement, the Eco Power-Flexi also features tips with terrific sound and fine leather uppers. This new leather molds to the foot with a comfortable fit and feel, and has the strength and thickness necessary for confidence in performance. Other features include a fully padded in-sock, latex padding throughout, adjustable straps, heel counter to help protect against blisters, and breathable inside lining.

Dancers will also notice the overall flexibility of the Eco Power-Flexi while still keeping all the advantages that Corr's hard shoes offer when it comes to support and safety, which have made Corr's so popular among dancers, parents and teachers.


All Irish Dance shoes are sold in UK sizes.  If you need any help finding the right size, please contact us!